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October 19, 2021 • 1 m read

Introducing AskMirror: Search and Discovery for Mirror

Mirror is democratizing the future of publishing. In fact, some of the best writing in the world is posted here. Yet one crucial aspect is missing from the Mirror experience: search and discovery. Finding content does not need to look like this: Today, we are launching AskMirror -- an advanced search and discovery site for the platform. We built this to enrich your web3 experience and give you a place to find, read, and follow what you love. AskMirror uses machine learning to tag and classify articles, making it ridiculously easy to discover content that inspires you. Search for articles, publications, and writers. Mirror was built in large part by its community, so we’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback. What would make your experience on Mirror, and web3, absolutely epic? Check out AskMirror at AskMirror was built by The decentralized web is the new Internet. From Bitcoin to NFTs, DeSo to the metaverse, the revolution is upon us. But an internet is only as good as its search.So why does navigating web3 today feel like you’re using the search engines of the 90s? Search today is siloed and confusing. This is why Sepana has taken on the challenge of radically improving search and discovery for web3. We believe that a simple, powerful, and intuitive search is critical for unleashing the full promise of the decentralized web. In addition to AskMirror, we recently launched, an advanced search experience for BitClout, and the DeSo protocol. Cloutavista is the embedded search engine for, Diamondapp, and other DeSo projects. We're looking for fellow adventurers, curious minds, and passionate tinkerers to help build a better way to navigate web3. Ping me at if you're interested in joining the journey.

Daniel Keyes


December 2, 2023 • 2 m read

Starknet Confirms STRK Airdrop Portal

Quick Take Starknet confirms leaked airdrop portal. Obol Network launches to mainnet beta. Kyber prepares a compensation plan. Polygon ZK-EVM adopts bridged USDC standard. Listen on: Apple | Castbox | Spotify | YouTube | Lens This episode is sponsored by Harpie! Harpie is an onchain security solution that protects your wallet from theft in real time. Harpie helps you detect and block suspicious transactions before they execute, safeguarding your assets from malicious attacks and scams. Try Harpie for free at Starknet Confirms Leaked Airdrop Portal The Starknet Foundation, which manages the development of StarkWare's permissionless ZK Rollup, has verified the authenticity of leaked screenshots showing an airdrop portal on its website. The foundation acknowledged that its front end is in development, a part of which was deployed for testing. The Foundation confirmed that the STRK token will be distributed to select users and contributors for their past activity. It also disclosed that the snapshot date for determining eligibility has already occurred, and new actions will not influence eligibility for the airdrop. The exact timeline for the token claim remains unknown. The leaked images showed details about the potential criteria for the STRK token allocation. Those who might be eligible for the airdrop include Starknet and Starkex users, Starknet developers, Github contributors, early Ethereum adopters, and Ethereum stakers. A governance portal was also launched on the website. Obol Network Launches To Mainnet Beta Obol Network launched its mainnet open beta. Individuals interested in operating DV nodes can now use Obol’s launchpad and run its DV client called Charon. During the beta phase, each DV cluster is limited to a single validator. The launch coincides with the third anniversary of the Beacon Chain, which went live on December 1st, 2020. Distributed validators play a crucial role in enhancing Ethereum’s fault tolerance. They distribute a validator's key among several nodes, ensuring continued validation even if a node within the set goes offline. The Obol Techne Credential Program is set to begin on December 6th for users interested in running DV nodes on testnet. Kyber Prepares Compensation Plan Kyber Network proposed to offer grants from the Kyber Swap Treasury to users affected by its recent exploit. The attack, which occurred last week, led to the loss of over $48 million from Kyber's Elastic liquidity pools. Efforts to negotiate with the attacker have been unsuccessful. In an onchain message, the attacker demanded full control over the DEX and a position as its Director. This morning, the attacker transferred a portion of the stolen assets from Arbitrum to the Ethereum Mainnet. Kyber Network says it is supporting law enforcement and is in the process of drafting a plan. The plan aims to reimburse affected users with an amount matching the USD value of their assets at the time of the attack. Polygon ZK-EVM Adopts Bridged USDC Standard Polygon ZK-EVM has adopted Circle's Bridged USDC Standard on its EVM-compatible ZK-Rollup, enabling a smooth upgrade to native USDC in the future. The integration minimizes liquidity fragmentation by eliminating the need for users to migrate to native USDC when it becomes available on the network. Users can currently migrate their USDC from the legacy version to the new standard-compatible bridged version. Other News ETHDenver opens speaker applications Velodrome restores front end Lodestar to issue v1.12 hotfix ACDC #123 summary U.S. Treasury goes after Tether ZKP2P releases soulbound NFT Zerion browser extension released x Coinbase Wallet quest Yup integrates XMTP Subscribe 🔗 Website | 🎙️ Podcast | 🎥 YouTube | 🐦 X | 🌿 Lens | 🟪 Farcaster



Dec 2 • 2 m read

The WASD Weekly: 12/1/23

Author: FaultProofBen Gm, and welcome to The WASD Weekly! It was an incredibly exciting week to be an onchain gamer. The past several days have been filled with numerous public playtests, including from Battle for Blockchain (BFB), Tarochi, and Sky Strife. I felt like a huge portion of my week was spent scurrying between them, trying to get a taste of each of these games. As you may have gathered from yesterday’s review (our first-ever btw), I’ve had a ton of fun with Sky Strife Season 0. The game is better than ever, and stay tuned for an announcement next week on what WASD has in store for the rest of the season. I’ve also enjoyed Tarochi and BFB, though I would like to spend more time with next week before sharing conclusive thoughts. Anyways, without further ado, here’s: A primer on the week’s news My picks for three games to play over the weekend A list of upcoming playtests, opportunities, and events (a new addition to The WASD Weekly!) A recap of WASD content & mints And of course… …The S-tier meme of the week!!! 🗞️ The TLDR: The hottest news from the last week in onchain gaming and autonomous worlds. Sky Strife kicks off its Season 0 Tarochi launches on testnet Battle for Blockchain holds its first public playtests Strategems launches their public demo on Base Tonk announces their game ‘Tonk Attack’ built on Downstream Rising Revenant releases their trailer 🎮 Plays of the Week: Three onchain games to try out for yourself this weekend. Sky Strife Tarochi Stratagems ⚔️ PTO: Playtests, Tournaments, & Opportunities: Upcoming events from around the onchain gaming ecosystem. Battle for Blockchain is playtesting on December 4 \[WE\] is hosting a Sky Strife tournament on December 7 Network States is playtesting on December 8 Tonk Attack is holding an upcoming playtest (Date TBD) 📺 This Week in WASD: Catch up on WASD content and mints from the past week. Read & collect: Network States: A Cutting Edge Onchain Game Read & collect: Sky Strife Season 0: The Official WASD Review 🤝 Words From Frens: The best non-WASD Content from friends in the community. Read: 8 Crypto Games to Watch - William Peaster Read: The Simulation Games Opportunity - Matt Dion Watch: Sky Strife Tips and Tricks - Composable Hub 🤣 The S-Tier Meme of the Week: Me when everyone was trying to mint a Sky Strife Season Pass on Monday. Credit: Me!!! Thanks for reading! If you liked this piece, you can collect it at the top of the page. It’s free! After you do, hop in our WASD Collectooor Telegram chat to meet other collectors, enthusiasts, players, and degens! Finally, to stay current on all things WASD, subscribe below, follow us on Twitter, and head over to our WASD Republic Discord server! Have a great weekend, and see you all on Monday!



Dec 1 • 2 m read


0\. Mumblecore I’d like to warn you that I am writing any piece of writing primarily for my own very satisfaction, and like to mumblecore a lot. I had been writing a PLAYLIST series here on this Mirror of mine before I tried to reflect on the medium-specific cases in that which was dubbed as Writing NFTs at one point. In the PLAYLIST, I wanted to focus on people who were experimenting with what was then Music NFTs that are now but Onchain Music tracks. I am not implying anything. I think I like the guy. He has done a lot. That is a win. I used to haphazardly choose two musical tracks, and comment upon them without even knowing anything about the artists. At one point, I was really bored, and stopped. It was because I do not think there were exciting experiment on the Music NFTs part other than Deafbeef’s sound poetics and Euler Beats. I am not sure if Herndon’s 2015 track “DAO” counts as onchain but I was expecting experiments at that level. I myself did some plays via Logic Pro and Ableton Live soundbites that I minted on Zora and similar platforms as original score for my “art.” They are very short bites. Utterly discordant. You can hear Honegger dissing Xenakis: “THIS IS NOT MUSIC!” I am lucky I do not need to be stroke by a Sherman tank shrapnel but I do have ideas for IRL installations around the idea of sound, and its continuous landscapes—I just lack about 15 ether if you are interested, excluding any visa obtainment procedures for any probable visit to Berlin. Then, I had many drafts where I jabbered on the vinyls I collected via Boomkat and Soundhom. Here is my EOY albums list. Enjoy. 5\. Romance - Fade into You Romance is a vaporwave renaissance act. It is for those of us who daydream in Celine Dion’s youth. After all, every crypto-systems aficionado would love to have an office in either Lugano or Zug. It is Eurovision. However, the soundscapes melt. Clear lit skylines. Full of Trans-Europe Expresses. Dissecting the individual titles would be futile. After all, Pitchwork have always been acting cringe. One of those albums you just let yourself melt into. 4\. Kali Malone (feat. Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton) - Does Spring Hide its Joy? I envy people who can play organs. I am jealous of those who think in organs. That’s why I have collected almost all albums by Kali Malone in vinyl, except this one and her upcoming 2024 title All Life Long. Accompanied by O’Malley of Sunn o))) and Railton, Malone tried some electric dreams in this long Canto of hers. It is not about kingfishers. It is not about you, certainly, either. For me, it is about how Kali explore the elliptical curves across spatio-temporalities any other ordinary human being would hide themselves from the thousand gazed plateux of the world. It is epic, clean, and peaceful. 3\. Lucy Railton - Corner Dance Railton’s album reminds me of an idea I once had to no avail: 2\. Fred again… & Brian Eno - Secret Life The reason why I envy Fred is not he is an Eno protégé yet his capabilities as a wetware sound system. If you are shitting on people who vibe with his tunes, the truth is you are most definitely depressed. It’s time to hit the gym. It’s been 48 years since Eno released Another Green World but you are lucky you are alive to have witnessed an album by this duo in the year when censorship resistant consensus has been battling normiecore governments and Miyazaki shot his final movie—yes, you might bet I am not even starting the accelerating finds across neuroscience to math. 1\. Clark - Sus Dog Wut up, dawg?!



Dec 1 • 1 m read

44 Minting Blank CDs with Songcamp — Matthew Chaim

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo. Subscribe to UFO Apple ⚬ Interface ⚬ Lens ⚬ Spotify ⚬ Twitter ⚬ ZORA Matthew Chaim is a founder of Songcamp which is an artist collective and creative studio experimenting with songwriting camps and emergent technology to unlock new ways of creating and releasing music on the internet. Started in 2021, Songcamp has run three online songwriting camps with over 50 emerging musicians from around the world. The music they created was released via compilation projects as onchain immersive collections. We talk about all three of the previous Songcamp releases to date: Genesis, Elektra, and CHAOS \~ the epic headless band with 77 contributing artists. Leading up to their latest, C4 which drops today! C4 is an imaginative collection with 15 contributing artists producing 5 songs. Audiences are invited to mint blank CD NFTs which can be used to write music to disc. We wander in conversation about music, technology, internet collectives, how Matthew likes to write and produce music, and other esoteric and musical topics. Notes Sponsors Zerion combines every corner of web3 in a simple and intuitive app for self-custodial humans. Discover the hottest NFT collections, track your DeFi rewards, and vote in DAOs across 10+ chains. Get started today at Interface is a mobile companion for Ethereum travellers. Connect with people and communities you’re a part of, stay updated with their onchain footprint through activity feed and notifications, read, watch and listen to onchain media – all in one place. Visit Bonfire is the no-code website builder for web3 creators, brands & communities. Design rich custom drop pages, token gated content, and exclusive events and experiences. UFO listeners also get a free 1-month trial to Bonfire Pro. Claim this offer at Lore is where communities come onchain. Helping communities of all kinds raise funds onchain, up and down vote decisions and take action towards a collective mission. They are accepting applications from community leads and creators who want to crowdfund initiatives to be on their V2 launch line up. Go to to apply Paragraph is where you can create, distribute & monetize - on your own terms. This publishing platform enables creators to mint posts as collectible content and send token-gated newsletters directly to wallet addresses. To get started with these radically powerful tools, visit \-- Subscribe to UFO on Lens ⚬ Twitter ⚬ Instagram ⚬ Interface


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