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October 19, 2021 • 1 m read

Introducing AskMirror: Search and Discovery for Mirror

Mirror is democratizing the future of publishing. In fact, some of the best writing in the world is posted here. Yet one crucial aspect is missing from the Mirror experience: search and discovery. Finding content does not need to look like this: Today, we are launching AskMirror -- an advanced search and discovery site for the platform. We built this to enrich your web3 experience and give you a place to find, read, and follow what you love. AskMirror uses machine learning to tag and classify articles, making it ridiculously easy to discover content that inspires you. Search for articles, publications, and writers. Mirror was built in large part by its community, so we’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback. What would make your experience on Mirror, and web3, absolutely epic? Check out AskMirror at AskMirror was built by The decentralized web is the new Internet. From Bitcoin to NFTs, DeSo to the metaverse, the revolution is upon us. But an internet is only as good as its search.So why does navigating web3 today feel like you’re using the search engines of the 90s? Search today is siloed and confusing. This is why Sepana has taken on the challenge of radically improving search and discovery for web3. We believe that a simple, powerful, and intuitive search is critical for unleashing the full promise of the decentralized web. In addition to AskMirror, we recently launched, an advanced search experience for BitClout, and the DeSo protocol. Cloutavista is the embedded search engine for, Diamondapp, and other DeSo projects. We're looking for fellow adventurers, curious minds, and passionate tinkerers to help build a better way to navigate web3. Ping me at if you're interested in joining the journey.

Daniel Keyes


November 30, 2022 • 2 m read

Liner Notes 02

Keep Calm, Tweet On Disorder, already the default setting of the internet, leveled up during the few short weeks since our last Liner Notes dispatch. A Centralized Exchange Who Must Not Be Named tanked. And Twitter — the pillar of global discourse, online memes and music in web3 — has sent its own timeline into a frenzy. While the live tweeting of a new era continues, a recurring theme grows clear: decentralization matters. Permanence matters. User-owned networks matter. If you're reading this, odds are you're thinking the same. This is why we're here. Whatever happens, this is the time to drink more water, organize ourselves, find silver linings, and reach out. Get inclusive group chats going. Send a note to your DM friends for their contact info. Hit our Discord to get a server role and connect with others. Download your archives. Go outside. Platforms (and billionaires) come and go. Music is forever. P.S. If you've released, collected, or curated a record on Catalog, tis' the season for free merch. To request a care package, take a moment to fill out this form by Dec 4 💛 November: month of Scorpios, midterms, and Catalog's blog era 💽 We published an interview about shadow work and decolonized release schedules with the harp-whispering beat architect Low Leaf We published a profile of 3Phaz, RATCHOPPER, Nadah El Shazly and ZULI — four artists at the sonic forefront of North Africa, onboarded by Curation Cycles 01 alum Sarah El Miniawy 🇪🇬 🇹🇳 We published a profile on a rising scene of African artists — Ace Daphlex, Theresa Ng'ambi, Nemesis vs Ladyryn and Tulile Siyumbwa —  who are crafting heartfelt contributions to Afrobeats, R&B, rap, and folk in Zambia and Nigeria, onboarded by Curation Cycles 01 alum Lady Light 🇿🇲 🇳🇬 We also aired (and recorded!) #OnTheRecord episodes about web3 music in India, the mind-bending new sounds of Cairo & Tunis as well as Zambia & Nigeria Our Discord sample series, #Cook-Off, completed its 2022 run with a finale that featured dreamscape sounds from Pelham & Junior 🌌 Ethereum hit its two-month anniversary as a PoS network, which reduced its energy usage and estimated emissions by more than 99% nterested in being a curator for Catalog? Submissions for Curation Cycle 3 are open now through Dec 4th. Cycle 3 curators will be announced Jan 2023. In the past months, we've worked with folks immersed in different music communities — baile funk's new wave in Brazil, mahraganat-channeling electronic from Egypt, and alternative music in Zambia to name a few — to onboard and celebrate independent artists they love to Catalog. Read this and this to learn why we believe Curation Cycles are important in nurturing a representative web3 music landscape. Hidden gems await your ears on Catalog. Special shoutouts to the brain-blasting synthwork of 3Phaz's “Red Signal”; VHOOR's sweat-inducing heater, “1Dez”; and the star-gazing neosoul melodies powering Upper Reality's latest gorgeous release, “I'm Cool.” Keep digging. Catch 'em all. Whether they're snarling at your attempts to show affection or migrating, en masse, across starry nights, cats deserve a dedicated section in Liner Notes (at minimum) and the presidency (at most). For any dog people reading this, an ongoing internal power struggle will determine whether canine frens win inclusion in the next newsletter. For now, enjoy the nine-lives icons below 🌌 Top Left: STVDIO NOUVEAU's new best buds Beaker and Bunsen Top right: Siber and Mumbai street cat discussing #cats-of-catalog channel in the Catalog Discord. Photo by Three Oscillators Bottom Left: Talk Time's cat Jazzy awaiting a Thanksgiving plate Bottom Right: Indacouch's cats Toast and Toph on the couch 🙃 Dec 13: Drop-In Voice Chat for Artists, Collectors & Curators on Catalog (Discord). Set a reminder 🫡 Dec 14: On The Record #19: Web3 Music's LatAm Future (Twitter Space). Set a reminder 📡 Jan 1: 2023\. 11 years since the 2012 doomsday predictions. Everyday: Wish a loved one or stranger or DAW session good morning If you’d like to get Liner Notes in your inbox, enter your email here 💽



Nov 30 • 4 m read

Layer3 has partnered with Coinbase Cloud

Explore non-custodial Polygon staking with Coinbase Cloud! Calling all MATIC holders – we’re running a second quest with Coinbase Cloud to bring you seamless staking directly on the Polygon network. Learn about native staking with Coinbase Cloud’s secure public validators. Staking on public validators is completely non-custodial, so you can delegate from your preferred wallet or custody solution and know exactly where your tokens are. You’ll be able to earn a commemorative, custom NFT for completing the Quest! What is staking? Staking is the mechanism for securing networks that run with the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. Participants, or “validators” as they are called in PoS blockchains, bond a certain number of tokens as collateral to show their commitment to act in accordance with network rules. Validators that act maliciously get penalized by having their tokens slashed. However, validators that act in accordance with network rules earn participatory rewards in exchange for securing the network and verifying transactions. In Polygon PoS, validators help secure the network by staking MATIC to produce blocks, validate and participate in PoS consensus. And those who are unable to run validators can still participate in securing Polygon by delegating their bond to reliable validators. In other words – you can earn more crypto on your crypto for doing the important work of securing the chain! Ready to go? Try it out here: Connect your Twitter to Layer3 Staking on Coinbase Cloud: Delegate your MATIC to the Coinbase Cloud public validator via the Polygon Staking Dashboard. More detailed guidance is available on Coinbase Cloud’s Polygon Delegation guide. Hold your MATIC delegation for at least 30 days Claim your Layer3 NFT! Note: The promotional reward for completing the Quest is a commemorative NFT issued by Layer3. This is separate from and unrelated to any on-chain staking rewards earned and accumulated from your delegation activity, which remain subject to the conditions and limitations set by the protocol and fees collected by validators. If you want to unbond your original stake, you can do so after the unbonding period is complete. Please be aware that, per the protocol limitations, you would need to accumulate at least 2 MATIC in rewards before you can withdraw your staking rewards. Although the minimum stake amount for this Quest is 50 MATIC, and the minimum staking period for this Quest is 30 days, staking more or waiting longer may let you accumulate rewards faster to meet the 2 MATIC rewards withdrawal threshold. Why Coinbase Cloud? Coinbase Cloud public validators are high-performance, reliable, secure validators that are architected to minimize the risks of downtime and double-signing, which can result in loss of funds for validators and stakers. We’re excited to collaborate with Coinbase Cloud to bring you a safe and guided experience in MATIC staking. Experience staking with institutional-grade security, learn about native protocol staking, and start earning MATIC rewards in your non-custodial wallet! Polygon is a Layer2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Interested in diving more into this network? Check out Coinbase Cloud’s guide to the protocol. \Note: This is not financial advice. Always do your own research. For more detailed information on Coinbase Cloud delegation, please read here. \ Quest Eligibility Requirements Only participants who successfully complete the Quest in accordance with the Eligibility Requirements will be eligible to claim a Layer3commemorative NFT (the “Quest Rewards”). The Quest will commence on November 30th, 2022 at 11:30 am EST (the "Commencement Time"). To successfully complete the Quest, you must follow all the steps required to complete both bounties on the Layer3 platform and meet all of the following Eligibility Requirements: (1) BEFORE you begin delegating your MATIC, you must first (a) connect your wallet to the Layer3 platform and (b) link your Layer3 profile to your Twitter account, (2) you must have at least 50 MATIC on Ethereum mainnet in the connected wallet (the “Minimum Staking Amount”), (3) you must begin delegating the Minimum Staking Amount to Coinbase Cloud's public validator during the 96 hour period immediately following the Commencement Time (i.e., to be eligible you must begin delegating prior to December 4, 2022 at 10am EST), and (4) the wallet you use to delegate to Coinbase Cloud’s public validator must be the same wallet connected to your Layer3 profile, (5) you must continue delegating the Minimum Stake to Coinbase Cloud's public validator for a consecutive 30 day period (your “Quest Completion Date”), and (6) you must complete the steps required on the Layer3 platform to verify eligibility and claim your Quest Rewards through the Layer3 platform within 30 days following your Quest Completion Date. FAILURE TO CONNECT YOUR WALLET OR TWITTER ACCOUNT TO THE LAYER3 PLATFORM PRIOR TO DELEGATING YOUR MATIC WILL RESULT IN INELIGIBILITY. Only users to begin and successfully complete the Quest will be eligible to receive the Quest Rewards. Quest Rewards are funded and distributed by Layer3. Participants may only complete each Quest once and Quest programs may be canceled or discontinued at any time. Staking and delegation on the Polygon network is subject to protocol conditions and limitations, including but not limited to unbonding periods and a condition that on-chain staking rewards may not be withdrawn until a minimum accrual of 2 MATIC has been met. At current reward rates, depending on how much you stake, you should not expect to accrue enough staking rewards to withdraw them at the end of the Eligibility Period. Neither Coinbase nor Layer3 makes any representation or guarantee that you will earn or be able to withdraw any staking rewards. Coinbase Cloud Disclaimer Nothing contained herein is a recommendation or endorsement of any digital asset, protocol, network, or project. However, Coinbase may have, or may in the future have, a significant financial interest in, and may receive compensation for services related to one or more of the digital assets, protocols, networks, entities, projects, and/or ventures discussed herein. The risk of loss in cryptocurrency, including staking, can be substantial and nothing herein is intended to be a guarantee against the possibility of loss.This document and the content contained herein are based on information which is believed to be reliable and has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but Coinbase makes no representation or warranty, express, or implied, as to the fairness, accuracy, adequacy, reasonableness, or completeness of such information, and, without limiting the foregoing or anything else in this disclaimer, all information provided herein is subject to modification by the underlying protocol network. Any use of Coinbase’s services may be contingent on completion of Coinbase’s onboarding process and is Coinbase’s sole discretion, including entrance into applicable legal documentation and will be, at all times, subject to and governed by Coinbase’s policies, including without limitation, its terms of service and privacy policy, as may be amended from time to time.\\ \\ Learn More For more about Layer3 Quests, take a look at our blog post For more about Coinbase Cloud, follow their Twitter here For more Layer3 Quests, follow Layer3 on Twitter and join our Discord 👋



Nov 30 • 5 m read

A new Twitter. The creative destruction.

Just a couple of weeks ago there was a widespread feeling that this network was going down the drain: messages of farewell from tweeters, posts with the addresses of users on other social networks and channels, invitations to meet in alternative forums, like Mastodon, major advertisers ceasing their activity on Twitter until further notice, etc. Well, now it seems that, for the time being, Twitter is still alive and kicking, and that some of the concerns about the network are being addressed through adaptations to what is beginning to take shape as the future of this application. In any case, the general perception of the company's current stability is still very worrisome: Minimal structure with massive layoffs and voluntary resignations Increased losses in its operating income statement due to the loss of advertisers Tarnished reputation, weakened trust Short-term, visceral decisions that are difficult to understand And the latest: a confrontation with Apple that could lead to the app being banned on iOS devices Elon Musk himself has said that he still hasn't ruled out bankruptcy, and said that he is going to do a lot of dumb things with Twitter. Does all this mean he has no idea what he’s doing? For the record, I’ve always said that, personally, I’ve never liked the public image that he cultivates, and reinforces, based on compulsive reactions, eccentricity and provocations; nor have I liked  some of his tweets in recent weeks, which have verged on violence and even blasphemy. Nevertheless, my opinion on what is happening is that behind all this noise and posturing there is a vision and a very well thought-out strategy that I am convinced will lead to a radical transformation of enormous value for users, institutions and brands. Musk's technical background - Physics and Economics -, his extraordinary career (PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company), his entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that he’s risking his own wealth, warrants some trust and credibility. The new Twitter: A Mission: Freedom of Speech Reading and listening to what Musk himself is saying (sometimes cryptically) helps us to surmise what is going to be the change in spirit and performance at the new Twitter 2.0. I would highlight, in this audio session on Robin Wheeler's account from November 9, the following key messages from the new owner: His intention to position it as a digital public square harnessing its full potential to become a force for good, something truly beneficial for the 80% of humanity that, he says, will one day use Twitter to communicate Make Twitter truthful, interesting and entertaining. He pledges to pursue deception and hate speech, mitigating the harm it causes to people who use the platform. He speaks of the balance that must exist between freedom of speech and freedom from the spread of hate speech, with efforts to minimize it He wants to spotlight and give a voice to those people who are willing to contribute and build, and who may have previous felt their freedom of expression curtailed by the convulsive atmosphere on the platform in recent years, what we call here the Twitter cesspool Moderation Musk is talking about the creation of a content moderation council that will ensure a safe setting for individuals, institutions and brands. At all times. He is committed to the further elimination of bots and fake accounts, as well as the verification of the largest possible number of Twitter users...for a fee. He is also talking about setting up a kind of spam folder for each user that will serve to automatically quarantine all those harmful messages, like we have in our email accounts. Formats of Expression As for native video, first, it seems that something similar to Vine) (remember that?) will return, but re-imagined. Second, the length of longer videos will be increased, limited to date to 2'20," as Musk aims to compete with YouTube There is nothing defined about text in terms of the current limit on characters, but there is a possibility that Twitter itself will provide for the drafting of longer tweets; this is what Musk has called long-form tweets, to avoid the widespread use of PDFs or screenshots in the form of images in tweets: An Economy of Creators In 2021 there was already a first step to reward content generators on Twitter: super-follows. But, besides being a restricted option, it seems to have foundered. Now, with the new Twitter this issue is being revisited in earnest, and for everyone; that is, to finally recognize the creators who bring the platform to life. This will be one of the biggest changes in the medium term, as the monetization of content (text or video) by creators is one of Musk's top priorities. How could this be implemented? Each Twitter user would have a wallet The wallet would contain cash for Venmo\-like micro payments in the USA, and crypto money native to Twitter (just like @desoprotocol networks have their $DESO), supporting deposits and withdrawals The quality of the content creators will be recognized based on interaction (likes, RTs, QTs, replies) and, in turn, may be rewarded with cryptocurrency A new economy will be developed revolving around social content on Twitter This is not a new idea, as it is already being done by decentralized networks like DeSo or Taki. Though in both these cases the degree of adoption and the critical mass of users is infinitely lower… for now. We would be talking about a kind of web3 layer on Twitter. What we do not know, however, is whether the data generated by users will come to belong exclusively to us, which would mean a strong move by Twitter towards Blockchain technology. This way, we would be sovereign in deciding whether or not to share data with the platform itself for ad sales ― in exchange for monetization, of course. Privacy A true decentralization of Twitter would be the only way to guarantee the privacy of our identities and our data. At the moment, the only sure thing is the encryption of DMs with the same technology used by Signal, an alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram that Musk recommended in 2021. Advertising When Elon Musk talks about unwanted messages, he also sends the following message to advertisers: if the advertising is relevant, it will become information, and may even be part of recommended tweets...but if it is not, then we are talking about noise for the user; that is, spam. Hopefully this will improve the quality of the paid advertising on Twitter. It has long seemed to me that most of it is manifestly intrusive and annoying, as well as counterproductive to the advertisers' image. In fact, I think it is done just to hit certain numbers: followers, interactions, etc. for the glossy results report. Advertising should be entertaining, Musk says in one of his latest tweets revealing what was shared internally with his team. Because yes, there was a time before social networks in which the audience - then passive - received good advertising very well; in fact, they made it their own. And then there is another kind, with Twitter and other networks, where you can build your brand purely through organic socialization, despite all the noise around it. For me, this is the best way to advertise and brand on the networks: stop advertising, start socializing. Audiences aren’t dumb, so don't treat them like they are. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it? One Application for Everything In July of this year, Musk already stated that he wanted to turn Twitter into a kind of WeChat for the entire Western world by integrating social networking, instant messaging, and payment services, etc. Shopping and payments, without leaving the app, are also on the drawing board for the new Twitter Shops; hitherto restricted, it will be accessible for all types of merchants and any shopper using the app. Thus, I think this man is creating what is destined to be a case study analyzed at business schools. It is certainly worth observing and discussing. And I think he is also making the principle of creative destruction, coined in 1950 by Joseph Schumpeter, a reality: only those who innovate survive, because they adopt characteristics that make them superior to others, who are destroyed along the way. Destroy to build. Keep hope alive. Ángel González



Nov 30 • 1 m read

07 Creating with AI in Generative Art & Visual Effects — ATARA

UFO is a place for revolutionary ideas. A podcast where artists, musicians and web3 builders talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by voyager. Subscribe to UFO iTunes • Spotify • Everywhere • Lens • RSS Show notes ATARA, aka Johannes Saam, is an Academy Award-winning creative technologist, futurist, and web3 artist. With two decades innovating in visual effects and film, raised by 80s and 90s movies and video games, he's an explorative creator of generative art, and most recently as co-founder of a new NFT collection \~ DALL-E Punks. Reimagining the iconic CryptoPunks through a visual AI engine stack to create a new interpretation, reflecting the traits of the original, such as hoodies, cigarette and eye patch \~ only that each image is now totally unique, and the eye patch prompts turned into pirates. In this episode, we talk about his visual effects career in the film industry, exploring creativity through coding, mathematics and technology, the latest from AI generative platforms such as DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, and we go behind the scenes for the creation of DALL-E Punks. Links Sponsors Zerion combines every corner of web3 in a simple and intuitive app for self-custodial humans. Discover the hottest NFT collections, track your DeFi rewards, and vote in DAOs across 10+ chains. Get started today at Lens Protocol is the open-source tech stack for building decentralized social media applications. A permissionless and transparent social graph that is owned by the user. Your followers go with you to whatever application you want to use. Lens is the last social media handle you’ll ever need to create. Visit \-- We’re starting a club. Collect your UFO Genesis Pass \~ OpenSea Follow UFO on Lens, Twitter, Instagram


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