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October 19, 2021 • 1 m read

Introducing AskMirror: Search and Discovery for Mirror

Mirror is democratizing the future of publishing. In fact, some of the best writing in the world is posted here. Yet one crucial aspect is missing from the Mirror experience: search and discovery. Finding content does not need to look like this: Today, we are launching AskMirror -- an advanced search and discovery site for the platform. We built this to enrich your web3 experience and give you a place to find, read, and follow what you love. AskMirror uses machine learning to tag and classify articles, making it ridiculously easy to discover content that inspires you. Search for articles, publications, and writers. Mirror was built in large part by its community, so we’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback. What would make your experience on Mirror, and web3, absolutely epic? Check out AskMirror at AskMirror was built by The decentralized web is the new Internet. From Bitcoin to NFTs, DeSo to the metaverse, the revolution is upon us. But an internet is only as good as its search.So why does navigating web3 today feel like you’re using the search engines of the 90s? Search today is siloed and confusing. This is why Sepana has taken on the challenge of radically improving search and discovery for web3. We believe that a simple, powerful, and intuitive search is critical for unleashing the full promise of the decentralized web. In addition to AskMirror, we recently launched, an advanced search experience for BitClout, and the DeSo protocol. Cloutavista is the embedded search engine for, Diamondapp, and other DeSo projects. We're looking for fellow adventurers, curious minds, and passionate tinkerers to help build a better way to navigate web3. Ping me at if you're interested in joining the journey.

Daniel Keyes


September 21, 2023 • 1 m read

38 Internet Energy as Collectives with Lore — Thomas Scaria

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo. Subscribe to UFO Apple ⚬ Interface ⚬ Lens ⚬ Spotify ⚬ Twitter ⚬ ZORA Thomas Scaria is the co-founder and CEO of Lore. Where communities turn social energy into collective power. Thomas worked right around the edges of crypto adoption at Wyre, leading expansion to the defi and NFT ecosystem. Before then was a Sr Investment Associate at Citi. Since April 2020 his focus has been on Lore. They are about to launch V2 with an app for collective crowdfunding for initiatives, media, and missions. Lore V2 introduces a modular protocol that covers the entire lifecycle of community capital formation, coordination, and allocation. Explore communities and mint Membership NFTs. Make things happen with internet friends. We talk about SocialFi and Thomas’ thoughts about How Robinwood paved the way for what we’re seeing today in crypto and NFT markets. Crypto as a counterculture movement. Internet subcultures and group chats. Building collectives to take action together. How the web3 movement might address realities that a great many internet people are outright hostile to NFTs and crypto. Start changing people’s minds by doing cool shit, using the internet in new ways. Links Sponsors Zerion combines every corner of web3 in a simple and intuitive app for self-custodial humans. Discover the hottest NFT collections, track your DeFi rewards, and vote in DAOs across 10+ chains. Get started today at Interface is a mobile companion for Ethereum travellers. Connect with people and communities you’re a part of, stay updated with their onchain footprint through activity feed and notifications, read, watch and listen to onchain media – all in one place. Visit Bonfire is the no-code website builder for web3 creators, brands & communities. Design rich custom drop pages, token gated content, and exclusive events and experiences. UFO listeners also get a free 1-month trial to Bonfire Pro. Claim this offer at Lore is where communities come onchain. Helping communities of all kinds raise funds onchain, up and down vote decisions and take action towards a collective mission. They are accepting applications from community leads and creators who want to crowdfund initiatives to be on their V2 launch line up. Go to to apply \-- Subscribe to UFO on Lens ⚬ Twitter ⚬ Instagram ⚬ Interface



Sep 21 • 1 m read

Introducing Uniswap University

Today, we're excited to unveil Uniswap University! While various Twitter threads, articles, and research touch upon different aspects of providing liquidity on Uniswap V3, there has been a lack of a comprehensive, easily accessible, and curated educational program. Uniswap University aims to address this by offering an immersive and interactive learning experience. Supported by a grant from the Uniswap Foundation and spearheaded by Robin Nagpal, Founder and Chief Educator at DoDAO, this carefully curated platform is designed to make providing liquidity easier for everyone, regardless of their experience level. Tiered Curriculums for Different Learning Paces The core of Uniswap University lies in its meticulously planned curriculum, crafted to accommodate varying learning paces and depths of interest. The Guides section delivers digestible yet thorough information that can usually be consumed within 5 minutes. Topics range from beginner-level basics like understanding AMMs and Uniswap V3 fundamentals, to more advanced concepts such as concentrated liquidity and active versus passive strategies. You'll also tackle impermanent loss, learn to rebalance portfolios, grasp essential risk management techniques, and much more. These guides also contain explainer videos and visual aids to enhance your learning experience. If you're hard-pressed for time, Tidbits offers an even faster learning experience, condensing essential elements into 30-second digestible nuggets. For those keen on practical learning, Simulations provide a hands-on approach. Here, you can practice various scenarios, like adding and removing liquidity or utilizing specialized tools for advanced position management and profit-loss analysis. And for the deeply committed, The University is proud to offer in-depth courses. The Getting Started With Uniswap course offers a thorough grounding in foundational concepts like AMMs and concentrated liquidity, while the Liquidity Provider Course serves as a targeted masterclass, offering strategies and tools for effective profit and risk management as a liquidity provider. Uniswap University will update its courses to reflect the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the Uniswap ecosystem. Check back regularly for the latest insights and strategies! Begin your educational journey with Uniswap University today.



Sep 21 • 1 m read


文 | 星辰 2023.9.21 整个 Web3 都在期待下一个 MetaMask,期待下一个亿级用户市场。 Space 的话题越来越多讨论“Mass Adpotion”。 各个钱包项目犹如一只只公孔雀般叫嚣着要成为下一个Web3 入口,妄图来拯救这个沉寂的存量市场。 技术咖们展开了对 MPC、ERC-4337、账户抽象等进行了全方位的争论,然后互相谁也看不上谁。 Metamask 也恐江湖老大的地位不保,上周,终于将 beta 版本很久的 snap 平台正式推出了。 我查了些资料,浏览了开发者们为钱包生态描绘的宏伟蓝图,其中不乏包括: 1、无助记词 2、社交恢复 3、设置交易限额 4、多账户管理 5、设置定期支付 6、其他代币支付Gas费/低Gas/免Gas 7、批量交易 ...... 之前 MetaMask 用习惯了不觉得,看了未来钱包蓝图后,又觉得真香,MetaMask 也太初级了吧... 虽在熊市,钱包赛道还是热闹的,但似乎还没看到一个非常出彩的存在,用户量也拿不太出手。 今天看到了一篇文章,拥有 8 亿活跃用户的 Telegarm 瞄上了 Web3 入口。 之前我分享分布式办公的文章里,聊过了我用 Tg 的便利之处,我现在每天开电脑,居然是先打开Tg,再登录微信。 扯远了,近几个月,Telegarm 上功能多样的 Bot  类工具高速发展,降低新用户的参与 Web3 的使用门槛。 据说是被 Unibot 给火出圈的(据说两个月涨了60倍),我还没用过,一会晚点去玩玩看。 上个月底因为加入《Web3 Marketing》的Tg群,要先 Claim 一个NFT,作为准备凭证才能进群组,一套流程下来感受了下 Bot,还是非常便利的。 我这才发现了 Tg 原来也搞了 Web3 玩法。 Telegram 还集成了加密货币钱包 "TON Space",然后 $TON 一周又暴涨 50%... 在 Tg 里搜索 @wallet ,就能发现这个 Bot。 这让我有了一种,“打败你的不是同行而是跨界”的奇怪的感觉。 不过,一切都还早呢。 谁知道未来会是怎么样。 微信公众号:比特引力 Twitter:



Sep 21 • 4 m read

Announcing the Taiko Community Advocate Program

Ethereum has just turned 8 — what a ride it has been! The community has already achieved a lot — from becoming the first smart contract platform to helping millions around the world access open finance and other financial services, but there is still work to do! That work is mainly concentrated on scaling, among other technical challenges. However, as the scalability race intensifies and teams continue to build with their heads down, there’s another crucial area that needs attention — culture and communication. That’s why we’re announcing the Taiko Community Advocate Program — an opportunity for you to demonstrate your communication skills, join the Taiko family, and help spread the word about Taiko’s efforts at building the first Ethereum-equivalent ZK-rollup (or a type-1 ZK-EVM in Vitalik’s words). Now let’s get into the practicalities of the program. What this program is for and is not for With the new Taiko Community Advocate Program, we’re looking to onboard 1-3 new people who are active Ethereum community members and want to contribute to helping bring attention to Taiko. The essence of the program is that we value quality over quantity. This means that we want to engage with people who are passionate about what they do and constantly bring quality to the Ethereum community. For this cohort, we’re primarily looking for people who are part of the broader Ethereum community, understand the Ethereum culture, and are good at written communication, specifically on X (Twitter). More on this later. What we’re not looking for: Shilling. No amount of low-quality shilling is tolerated. We want the new Community Advocates to operate based on Taiko’s — and Ethereum’s, for that matter — values: Openness, friendliness, decentralization, honesty, truth; Being heavily involved with multiple projects already. No ambassador or community advocate farming is tolerated. We want prospective candidates to commit to and grow with Taiko — there’s a lot of work to do! With that being said, it’s OK if you’re interested in other projects; just don’t hold multiple ambassador/advocate roles. You should consider applying if You’re already active or are willing to become active on X (Twitter). Twitter is where the majority of Ethereum — and crypto in general — discourse happens. The ideal candidate would be someone who knows the ins and outs of Crypto Twitter and wants to represent Taiko there. Being active in other places like research forums and other social media platforms is a bonus; You have excellent English writing skills. This is not to say that English must be your mother tongue — no, but being able to communicate clearly in English, regardless of your nationality or where you’re based, is most important here; You have experience with writing articles/Twitter threads. It’s always best if you let your work speak for itself. You believe in Ethereum and want to help scale it. Ethereum holds vast potential that can radically change the world, but it still needs true believers to unlock that potential. Bonus points You enjoy public speaking. Representing Taiko on podcasts, X (Twitter) spaces, or even at Ethereum conferences would open huge opportunities for you and help spread the word about Taiko; You have a substantial following on X (Twitter). Having a significant base of real followers would allow you to make an instant impact as a Taiko Community Advocate; You know multiple languages. Taiko is an international community, so knowing more than one language is always a plus. Task To be a successful applicant, you’ll need to write an article. Here are some guidelines: Topic: Choose any topic you want, but it should be about L2s, L2 MEV, ZK-rollups, ZK-EVMs, sequencing, proving, based rollups, or similar subjects; Length: 500-1,000 words (can be more but don’t overdo it). Note: Applications without an original article attached won’t be considered. Tips for writing the article Only use AI to get ideas or check grammar/style. AI-written articles will be disqualified; Stick to your style of writing. It’s better to be yourself than try to copy someone else or use AI; Pick a topic that you already know a lot about; you think you can learn about fairly quickly; or you think is interesting and exciting. Avoid trying to write about something that you have no interest in; Since the length of the article is just 500-1,000 words, try to stick to a specific point rather than talk about multiple things; Remember to use references. If you want to quote someone or borrow an idea, leave a link to the primary source in a separate “References” section or use hyperlinks; Use memes, images, and diagrams. If you can illustrate the points you make, it shows the reader that you know what you’re talking about. No plagiarism. Related to the above, but is still worth mentioning. No copy-pasting or rewriting is tolerated. Benefits Being a Taiko Community Advocate comes with a variety of benefits. Here are some: Monthly financial rewards and discretionary bonus incentives; Opportunity to build up your portfolio of writings and public appearances; Close work with the Taiko team; Opportunity to join Taiko Labs as a full-time team member. Having said that, it’s up to you what you’ll make of the role. We’ll support you in whatever ways we can to help you grow, provided we see value in it. Apply here Use this form to apply for the role: Don’t forget to paste your article in the form or leave a link to it (make sure it’s accessible). Deadline for applying: October 9, 23:59 UTC. Thank you in advance for applying and being part of the Ethereum and Taiko communities. We’re looking forward to reading your applications soon! Join us 💗 Explore open positions on our job board. Follow us 🥁 Get the latest from Taiko: Website: Discord: . GitHub: . Twitter: . Community forum: Youtube: . Contribute 🤓 Contribute to Taiko on GitHub and earn a GitPOAP! You will also be featured as a contributor on our README. Get started with the contributing manual.



Sep 21 • 1 m read

社交代币化:Web3 如何改变在线社交和商业模式?

撰写:Matti 编译:深潮 TechFlow 我一直认为社交媒体正在变得更加反社交化。TikTok 催生的短视频趋势,其核心并无社交性可言;一个算法获取用户生成的内容(UGC),并将其推荐给人们。这是算法和随机陌生人在优化注意力。 由于 Web 3 渴望彻底改变社交媒体游戏,因此值得考虑它在多大程度上适合在线蓬勃发展的非社交趋势。尽管这些应用程序最初是为方便社交互动而设计的,但它们却助长了愤怒文化、冲突和过度依恋偶像的反社交行为。 我最初是要找出社交媒体如何变得反社交化,以及 Web3 如何适应反社交化媒体的未来。但在此过程中,我意识到 Web3 是新时代网上社交和商业互动的现在与未来。 从社交到反社交 Facebook 催生了社交媒体的大众采用。它的成功始于新闻馈送的推出,最初是朋友之间的聊天,后来变成了全球键盘侠的竞技场。 社交媒体平台的设计本质上是对点赞、关注者、订阅者和其他参与度指标的竞争,这是对个人社交资本的间接衡量。多年来,这些平台已善于将社交资本转化为财务资本,催生了内容创作者阶层,即网红。 Eugene Wei 描述了 Twitter 的一个转型时刻,他提到了“大逃杀”中按性能对推文进行排名的介绍: “我们现在处于 Twitter 后期时代,几乎每个推文都极度渴望被收藏和转推,每个人都是训练有素的评论员或喜剧演员。充斥着舆论导向和箴言。” 虽然仍然不是大逃杀那样的终极零和游戏,但能够获得地位和可能实现货币化的能力在很大程度上是反社交的。想想社交媒体初期乏味的生活更新,没有为获赞而发。人们说他们想说的,现在人们说他们认为别人想听的或算法捕捉的东西。 为什么这是反社交元素? 这在很大程度上是金融资本提取游戏 这是一种模仿游戏,其设计目的是引发冲突或愤怒,从而吸引更多关注 它由非人类元素(算法)管理 表演不是社交活动——表演者和观众有明确区别(顶多是拟似社交)。 随着时间的推移,社交媒体平台的关注者和表演者越来越与社交方面隔离,甚至没有注意到,主要是锁定在自我欲望反馈循环中。Rene Girard 会说,社交媒体被设计成传播无限的欲望。社交媒体允许了我们可能以前无法预测的新行为模式。 这就是为什么社交媒体促成了嬉皮文化向炫富文化的转变。 “2000 年代初出现的以真实性为导向的讽刺性文化已经让位给了人们真正愿意受到影响、愿意真诚参与的时代,即使这会让人感到畏缩。” TikTok 引入了下一级别的反社交水平。它几乎没有任何社交元素,仅由随机用户生成内容和最大化用户从屏幕获得多巴胺的算法组成。在目的发现方面几乎没有任何意图,只是下一个片段产生的多巴胺刺激,可能指定下一个购买任务——鞋子、手表、一次性关系或其他物品。 我们正在不懈地走向一种更加反社会的金融化镜子文化,即电脑屏幕,在逃避现实的丰富世界中制造了一个陷阱。正如 Toby Shorin 所说: “阶级流动性可能已不存在,但至少我们可以拥有漂亮的东西。” 在加密文化中,我们正在延续一个多代财富的伟大神话——快速阶级流动的想法。想象一下,如果只能建立一个将两者结合的产品——既满足反社交欲望,又给予快速阶级流动的希望。 快速致富的 Tik-Tok 已经通过代币和 NFT 推荐涉足加密领域。随着 这种庞氏社交的出现,Web3 将吞并网红的前景变成现实。 融入文化 “波动即服务”将加密产品(和文化)定位为依赖波动才相关。最重要的认识是波动性是加密货币的特征,而不是缺陷。 虽然它表达了投机作为一种过渡特性的希望,但由于加密文化依赖资金流动,它几乎永远不会放弃投机(至少作为一种用户获取策略)。这就是为什么我将 Web3 定义为互联网用户的一种心态——“为波动而来,为技术而留”。 但在其间某处有一个产品——但它是流动的,通常由一个代币表示。 人们无法从现有产品的角度理解加密,但加密是另一回事,它非常流体化,产品随着叙事而变化,但归根结底——代币就是产品。 从这个意义上说,你购买的是文化,产品是辅助的。这就是我上面引用的的论点之一,炫富文化首先是产品,品牌通过 Meme 和网红将自己融入文化。 今天,我们正在进入一个新的领域,文化本身成为一种产品,而代币则是可以获取的文化艺术品。 Web3 社交=庞氏社交 加密主要关乎货币和嵌入网络的金融工具。正如 Joel John 所说,加密文化依赖资金流动。网红时代植根于将社交资本(关注者和参与度)货币化,如上所述,这可能是一个天造地设的组合。 是一款投机性社交游戏,它是一个概念验证,并且可能是 Web3 中类似实验的创新触发点。虽然 Web3 社交媒体的宏伟意图是用户拥有自己的数据和社交图谱,但我们可能最终只得到一个更好的资本提取游戏。 尽管 的本质是生活方式时代的残党,因为它主要使拥有既定社交资本的个人能够取得更多财务资本,但它也允许关注者获得部分收益。网红拥有的个人赌场就是这样开始的,但还有摆脱网红赌场的方法。也许这个反乌托邦的愿景中也存在一线曙光。 虽然 是 Web3 社交的首批成功应用之一(不出所料,其早期优势依靠庞氏机制),但它是一个有趣的实验,可能会引入更多社交而非反社交行为。 随着网红自身也成为品牌,他们能够自上而下地推出白标产品——向粉丝倾销商品。如上所述,品牌进入文化相关性的方式是通过网红合作和 meme。但是,如果我们可以集体拥有 Meme 怎么样?进入部落时代。 在过去十年左右的时间里,社交媒体在观察者和产品之间插入了一个\\渴望层。\\Web3 可以通过添加归因来改变这一点。如果前者由网红代表,那么后者的标志将是代币化的文化。 Owny 粉丝 随着人们能够在过去二十年中自由地制作和传播信息,未来他们将能够拥有和货币化文化及其果实。 “代币不仅能够通过记录来源和创意的起源等方式归因社交认可,还能将财务价值导向拥有这些创意的人。”(Aleksia Vujicic 关于共同创作的文章) 过去,产品是主要内容,而今天,(亚)文化是产品,产品是辅助的。DAVID PHELPS 写道:“不严肃的游戏可以是非常严肃的信仰体系”,Shorin 进一步说: “相比用户,信徒的终生客户价值可能更大。创始人可以轻松设计一个文化,具有各种装饰,升级机会和永久的提取模式。” Web3 创建了快速全球资本形成的工具,并有能力赋予所有权——想法或产品的股份。随着新的部落或教派在网上形成,他们分享一个想法和实现它的意愿。他们不必依靠任何人给他们产品。 特别是如果他们能够用代币将产品与意识形态忠诚度天然结合。唯一比邪教更强大的就是拥有自己形式货币的邪教。 无论是 OlympusDAO、BAYC 还是所有 meme 币,这些都表明一种自下而上引导的文化,参与者与其成功息息相关。波动性是一种成功的用户获取策略。文化的强度决定了游戏的持续时间以及微观经济学的可持续性。 品牌是崇拜的一种形式,如今它们开始自下而上地建立起来。亚文化就是产品,而不是自上而下。这表明亚文化用来证明产品。欧洲足球俱乐部是这个模式的原型(也许这就是为什么更多的私人资本寻求进入并进行商业化)。 如果你看不到产品,那么你可能就是产品。在 Web3 中这通常是正确的。到处都有产品出现,代币涨跌,一些东山再起,一些被永远遗忘。与此同时,我们大多数时间都在娱乐。 Web3 就是商业 以太坊本身是一个品牌。以太坊的品牌是最强大的护城河。在抽象层面上,拥有 ETH 就是对 Web3 日益明显的消费的赌注。也许在未来,我们会理解 ETH 就是耐克,SOL 就是阿迪达斯——这完全是一个消费者选择,而不是任何本质差异。 证明了我们实际上可以代币化几乎任何东西,而不必遵守会使这种开放关系更正式的法律协议。消费品牌卖的是拥有这个商品你会受到欣赏的想法,但他们永远不会保证这一点。购买者寻求的就是这种无声的地位承诺。 创作者股份出售的想法是你将被你偶像的内部圈子接纳,但我们不应要求创作者因为粉丝拥有一两股份额就必须尽职尽责地取悦粉丝。换句话说,地位比实用性更重要。 投机社交或 SocialFi 可以成为我们以前从未想过的“真实世界资产”的开始。我们不应该考虑如何在链上放置国债,而应该考虑如何引入和发展消费文化,同时给予它代币所有权中嵌入的地位等新形式的产品。 也许我们仍未认识到 Web3 就是商业,而是一种由新型产品——代币组成的新颖形式。代币将文化和产品的概念捆绑在一起。产品是可以随时间变化形式的反身性叙事的主体。同样,炫耀性消费从根本上来说是实现某些目标(地位、快乐、刺激等)的一种手段,代币也是如此。 但市场上也有更多具有特定目标的社交部落。今天,我们也看到它们出现在 DeSci(Degen 科学),例如 VitaDAO 或 HairDAO 这样以使命为驱动的品牌,各种产品和未来货币化都流回代币持有者。 通过 的简单赌场,我们已经进入了社交的新高度——我们也将网上商业转变为围绕代币网络构建的更自下而上的归因文化。在我看来,这挑战了传统的商业观点,并将代币的 Meme 溢价转化为品牌购买力。 深潮 TechFlow 是由社区驱动的深度内容平台,致力于提供有价值的信息,有态度的思考。 社区: > 订阅频道: > 电报: > 推特:@TechFlowPost 进微信群添加助手微信:blocktheworld


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